Bogart GARAGE Car Cover

bogart garage

Perhaps the best car cover ever!

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It is made of fine quality PVC which has high sun protection. Perfect for high temperatures especially during summer months.

78.5% PVC – 6.5% viscose flock – 15% polyester


Bogart is the car cover which can go through anything. Thanks to its superior quality, our cover made from Garage has been very well-known on the market for several years now. It ensures maximum protection against sunlight, rain, snow, frost, dust, sand, bird and tree droppings. Being particularly resistant, it protects the car’s paintwork against mechanical damages, such as scratches and grazes. Being electro-welded, Bogart is fully waterproof. Its interior ‘non-woven’ lining made in polyester and viscose flock is soft and resistant and gently covers the car’s paintwork. This cover is entirely sewn-in along the bottom and features an elasticated hem at front and rear and a fixing eyelet on each side.


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