3D Cooliner

Our 3d floor liners are the ultimate solution to protect the interior floor of your car as:

  • are precisely tailored to fit the shape of the floor area of respective car models,
  • are durable, waterproof, odorless and resistant to high and low temperatures, oils and chemical spillage as they are produced from top quality modified elastomers,
  • have a high lip around and are rigid enough to protect the car floor and walls around by trapping water and dirt,
  • are safe to use as they are fastened to the floor by a practical and easy to use fixing system (tailored to the car model), effectively keeping the floor liner in place while you drive,
  • are flexible to allow for a comfortable installation or removal from the car e.g. for cleaning,
  • are elegant due to the matt finish and nice design on the surface,
  • are easy to clean: just wipe or hose them down,
  • are fully recyclable,
  • available for a continuously increasing range of models.


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