Bogart TYVEK Car Cover

tyvekTOP COVER by DuPont Tyvek

H κουκούλα TOP COVER αποτελεί μια επαναστατική καινοτομία της επιστήμης στον τομέα της κουκούλας αυτοκίνητου.

TOP COVER is a brand new innovation in the field of car covers. Tyvek is made of 100% high quality polyethylene strands which bond together after a temperature pressure procedure. Tyvek is white, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is designed for hard use, it is not easy to be torn and offers sun protection. The material is water resistant and breathable. The most important difference from all the other conventional car covers is that it lets the spoil the color of the car. Possible moisture on the car will disappear along with the weather improvement..

The technical characteristics of TOPCOVER remain acute between +85 and -70 °C

1 Reflects over 80% of sun rays to keep the car cool
2 Protects car from air pollution
3 Protects car from birds
4 Protects car from dust
5 Hand washable with neutral soap at 40 °C



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