External Sun protection Cover

It is made of aluminum material PVC of fine quality and it is manufactured in Greece. It is the only one in the market which has an internal, cotton layer.

The combination of the external silver colour which reflects the sun rays like nothing else and the internal cotton layer which makes it remain cool under high temperatures, creates the perfect product for the protection of the front of your car from the damaging scorching hot sun rays.

So, Coverstyle Exterior Sun protection Cover

  • Protects the plastic parts of the car from cracking caused by high temperatures of sun rays
  • Keeps the interior of the car cool
  • Keeps the steering wheel cool and touchable as well as all the interior of your car will be in a drivable level
  • Keeps the color of the interior of the car without fading away from the sun.
  • It is the only product which offers total protection of the front interior of the car since it comes in 3 different sizes so that they match all front glass sizes.
  • Small 85cm x 200cm
    Medium 100cm x 200cm
    Large 120cm x 200cm


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