Car seat covers

Tailor made car seat Covers – Full set

Ultimate protection with perfect fitting. Covers that cover perfectly all the seats of the car.

Our tailors take measures for each and every make of car from scratch, thus creating a pattern for the specific car. Special care is taken for side air bags, seat belts, rear storage pockets and special mechanisms of the seats so that after their fitting, they do not restrict any car function and appear as if they are the car's original upholstery.

All our products are designed and cut with a state of the art GERBER computerized CAD/CAM system that ensures a perfect fit and minimal turn-around time for all our products, satisfying even the most demanding customer.

One set includes covers for all headrests, front and back arm rests, fully covering the original upholstery.

Rainbow Tailor-made Front Seat Covers

The best solution for the front seats of the car.

Coverstyle Rainbow seat covers has patented a new type of seat covers that cover the whole front surface as well as the sides of the seats. Rainbow seat covers are also custom-made for every make of car. Their innovative and functional design based on the easy-fix system makes the fitting so easy and quick, that no special skills or tools are needed for a perfect installation. They don't restrain the function of the side airbags and give access to rear storage pockets. They are ideal for bucket seats and one set includes two Rainbow covers for the front seats and two head rest covers.

Basic seat covers

Simple and discreet for the front seats.

Covers that cover only the front part of the seats without influencing the image of the original upholstery, giving a basic protection.                                             





Why put covers to your car seats?

1. To protect the seats of your new car. The new bucket style seats are now installed to almost every car, but are quite sensitive because friction is much bigger to the sides of the seats while getting in and out of the car. So seat covers are definitely required.
2. To change or make the interior of the car seem brand new and lively since the original upholstery is usually dull and old fashioned or has moody colors.
3. To protect the back seats from the damage done by young children who are usually careless.
4. To protect your seats from pets which tend to scratch, bite or leave their fur on the seats making it hard to be cleaned.
5. To avoid paying money for biological cleaning of the car, which many times costs almost as much as a full set of seat covers.
6. During summer time, the car seat covers get dirty by factors like sea water, sand and sweat which under high temperatures may create almost permanent spots.
7. Car owners who install Coverstyle seat covers when their car is still brand new, preserve its value on high level since when they decide to sell it the interior of their car will be intact.


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